Missed Green Waste Collections Advice

Published: 26 August 2021

Unfortunately, we are experiencing more staff shortages this week which are having an impact on our garden waste collection service.
Because your ward / parish is affected by the delays being experienced today and tomorrow we thought we should let you know what’s happening in case you get any queries from local residents.
Garden waste collections due today - Wednesday 25 August
Crews will not complete all the collections due in Wrington today and Congresbury collections will be delayed until tomorrow. The advice to residents is to leave containers out so crews can come back and complete their rounds tomorrow (Thursday). Residents do not need to report a missed collection.
Garden waste collections due tomorrow - Thursday 26 August
A number of rounds are likely not to be serviced tomorrow and collections will be caught up by other crews later in the day or on Friday. The advice to residents is to put containers out as normal and to leave them out so crews can collect over the next couple of days.
The areas affected are Yatton, Maltlands, Locking, Bournville, Clevedon and St Georges and Weston area narrow roads served by smaller collection vehicles.
Residents in these areas do not need to report a missed collection.
It is only garden waste affected. Recycling, food waste and black bin waste is all being collected as normal.