Defibrillators in Yatton and Claverham


Yatton Parish Council own and maintain 5 at the following locations:

  • Hangstones (Next to the main entrance)
  • Claverham Village Hall (To the right of the main door)
  • Claverham High St phone box
  • Yatton Precinct (Down the side of Yatton Vets)
  • Mendip Road Doctors Surgery. (To the left of the main door)

Yatton Junior Football Club own and maintain 1 public accessible defib at Rock Road playing fields and there is also a public defib owned and maintained by the Methodist Church, High Street, Yatton.

All our defibrillators have guardians, our Parish Orderlies do the first 4 and the surgery manager does the Medical Practice one.

All the listed defibrillators are registered with a central organisation allied to all the ambulance services in the country called ‘The Circuit’.

Defibrillators can only be accessed via the 999 ambulance service who, if appropriate, will issue the access code and ask the 999 caller to collect the nearest defibrillator. However the collapsed person must never be left in order to collect a defibrillator unless someone can remain with the patient and perform CPR. The Ambulance Service will give instructions on how to use the defibrillator and to perform CPR although the device itself also issues instructions on how it is to be used.