Action Taken Re the Poor Condition of Sheep & Lambs in the Field Next to Hangstones Pavilion.

Published: 17 February 2021

Following further complaints (some instigated by social media reposting images taken a number of weeks ago), myself and Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) have made a number of inspections the past week (10, 12 and 14 February) in relation to the sheep at Hangstones, Stowey Road. We also did a joint visit yesterday where we inspected all their livestock in the Yatton area. In addition to these visits I have been in contact with the farmer since mid January.

Hangstones, Stowey Road – 45 ewes and lambs

These animals have been suffering from sheep scab since December. The farmer has treated them on 2 occasions in conjunction with their private vets. Due to it being a contagious disease the animals cannot be moved. The animals have improved however, after recent visits we have suggested further treatment. Prior to this happening the private vets needs to be consulted as they are aware of the exact medication used and can advise when it is safe to administer again.

Due to their condition and fleece loss from the sheep scab the animals are susceptible to other welfare problems so they are being given more feed and more frequent visits. A number of ewes and lambs have been removed to be isolated for extra care. Unfortunately some of the weaker animals may not survive.

Resulting from yesterday’s visit, we have verbally advised the farmer of what additional action is necessary to take and the APHA vet will be writing to them later this week to clarify all the points. I will be continue to carry out regular announced and unannounced visits to their animals until they have improved.

In relation to the Facebook posts – when I am contacted by individuals and people running these FB groups I am asking them to add my details to the posts advising we have this in hand. In addition to this I have attached a letter to the gate of the field advising the same. Mr Williams has additional copies of the letter if they are removed from the gate.

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