Parish Recycling Scheme

Yatton and Claverham Parish Recycling Scheme

Overall Aims:

  • Reduce the amount of household residual waste produced in Yatton and Claverham.


  • Increase the understanding and utilisation of recycling services.


How is it going to work?

  • We want to engage with local communities (individuals, charities, businesses, schools, voluntary organisations, public authorities, recreational organisations, etc.) to promote waste reduction, reuse, repairing and recycling.


  • The community reward available amount of money available for Yatton and Claverham is up to £ 2K.


  • There are 3 Awards levels:

    • Bronze (20%)

    • Silver (80%)

    • Gold (100%)


How can you help us achieving the “Gold” Target?

  • You could the online pledge by clicking on the following link


  • You could let us know if you are involved in any local recycling projects that may be counted as an activity or you could become a Recycling Community Champion. Please do let us know by contacting Cllr Massimo Morelli.



Cllr Massimo Morelli


 Tel:                  07745763010