Yatton Parish Council has appointed committees to take decisions on matters of detail. You can see the terms of reference of committees here.  At the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 14th May 2018 Jonathan Edwards was elected as Chair of Council and David Crossman was elected as Vice Chair for the forthcoming year.  Both the Chair and Vice Chair roles are voting members of all committees. The other members of committees are appointed by the Council each May. The Amenities & Properties Committee and Finance, Personnel & Administration Committee generally meet every other month. The Planning Committee meets as required to comment on planning applications.

Meetings are normally held at Hangstones Pavilion, Stowey Road, Yatton  BS49 4HS at 7.30 p.m.

Amenities & Properties Committee
Members: Jonathan Edwards (Chair of Council), Robert Jenner (Committee Chair), David Crossman (Vice Chair of Council), James Macqueen, Martyn Hooper, Graham Humphreys (Committee Vice Chair), Massimo Morelli and Ian Payne.

Finance, Personnel & Administration Committee
Members: Jonathan Edwards (Committee Chair & Chair of Council), David Crossman (Vice Chair of Council), Wendy Griggs, Graham Humphreys, Christopher Jackson, Peter Lomas, Ian Payne (Committee Vice Chair) and Roger Wood.

Planning Committee
Members: David Crossman (Vice Chair of Committee & Vice Chair of Council), Robert Jenner (Committee Chair), Jonathan Edwards (Chair of Council), Wendy Griggs, Martyn Hooper, Graham Humphreys, Chris Jackson, Peter Lomas, Ian Payne, Tony Price, Caroline Sheard, Bryan Thomas and Roger Wood.